is a game for education and have some fun too with touch screen and with multi-language - slovak, german, engkusg, hungarian. It is available in most colours includes 40 games in 5 categories. Manual is include with the same languages. The credits can be added during the game for repeat or for going to next level.
Technical specification:

* Graphical:
SVGA (800 x 600) for awesome picture
* Mainbourd:
ASSUS P5 for knowing of maximal trust
* RAM:
64 MB for higher capacity
* Hardisk:
7GB shake protected, for a long life time
* System for a quick update:
exchange disks for a update of software
* Speakers:
control to provide best experience
* Coin counters:
NRI - G 13 for 0,50 cent & 1 EURO,
or jettons (only orders)
* Bill acceptor:
* Touch screen:
ELO touch screen

..::new case::..
Minimal maintainance = maximal incomes

Would you like a more visits of your business?
Here is the solution - MINDMANIA
quiz machine for have a fun, which one will invite a more costumers. It will earning without your attending. Multi-language is the best way for a non-slovak visitors & tourists. Maximal responsible guarantee minimal maintainance "clean me up, I am dirty" and maimal incomes.

Maximal incomes guarantee:
* 60 games in 5 categories
* slovak manual for all games of MINDMANIA
* multilanguage
* wide choice of games and quizes for all generation
* chance to add a credit during game or quiz
* easy way to write your name to TOP WINNERS
* full software in slovak language

MINDMANIA - neverending mania of fun

All of this you can get at REBELS, you are welcome at our company.